Mr Fitz is “A”

I am fully convinced that Mr. Fitz is “A” in Pretty Little Liars.

Mr Fitz

I am too lazy to rewatch the whole series so I am going from memory, but here are the reasonings behind my theory.

1. We all know that they aren’t going to make whoever “A” is be anyone obvious. Therefore, there is no way “A” is Toby, Ian, Noel, Lucas… anyone really who has had any obvious “clues” to make them a suspect. Nothing has out right pointed to Mr. Fitz as “A”, but if you look at things a little deeper, you will see…

2. When the girls thought Toby was “A”, and Toby disappeared for a while, they stopped getting messages from “A”. Coincidentally, this was the EXACT time period that Mr. Fitz was out of town in NY for some job interview. Interesting… The messages started up again when he returned to town.

3. “A” had no reason to run Hanna over with her car. She didn’t see the real “A”, what she DID see however was Mr Fitz and Aria hooking up. He noticed the “I see you” on his car, and could have easily saw Hanna spying on them and assumed she wrote that, giving him a motive to hit her. Why was he at Camp Mona, anyways? Perv. 

4. Any teacher who is being blackmailed for nailing a student would probably just give in and change a grade… No one wants to get fired, or go to jail. He could have saved his career, reputation, and possibly his freedom by changing the grade. But instead, in true “A” style, he plants stolen test answers in Noel’s locker. He is a teacher, he could easily have access to both the tests and the locker combinations. Why would “A” have a motive to help Aria, anyways, when all “A” has really been doing is hurting them.

5. Speaking of having locker combinations, a lot of “A” messages are left in the lockers.

6. Mr. Fitz is an English teacher. Emily’s love letter to Ali was found in a book in the library. 

7. Why is Mr. Fitz so much of a bigger character on the show than he was in the books? He’s the most pimped character outside of the girls, he has to suit a bigger purpose. They want us to think its because of his loving (i.e. illegal) relationship with Aria, but I know it’s because he is “A”, and they want to shock us! The only thing that will shock me is if I am wrong.

8. “A” seems to be going rather easy on Aria. I guess it helps when you’re giving your stalker a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side. “A” has been the harshest on Hanna, especially since she saw them making out. Oink Oink little piggy shouldn’t be spying on a big bad stalker with too much time on his hands.

9. I’m not buying that Ezra and Aria’s relationship is even legit. He is with her to get info, to seem less suspicious, and to throw the audience off. He doesn’t give a shit about her, he’s just good at faking it.

No, I don’t know what his motivation would be behind being “A”, but I’m sure we will find out. My guess is maybe he had a thing with Ali, since apparently she liked older men and he is a pedophile. Or maybe he is a relative. He’s about the same age as Ali’s brother, Melissa, and Ian, so maybe theres something there. 

I’m sure there are more subtle clues pointing to Mr. Fitz being “A”, but I’d have to go back and rewatch them. I will try and keep posting my thoughts after each episode until I am proven right (or wrong, but lets me real here, when am I ever wrong?)

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